Age: round about 215 years
Address: 13 Thistleway, Mizzle Meadows

What he likes:
- to fly around the church’s steeple
- playing the Nettlewooz-Memo-Game
- the smell of raspberry cake
- the monthly issue of “The Magic Circle”
What he dislikes:
- bright sunlight
- narrow preserving jars
- Bucklewhee sitting in his bed


Profession: thievish witch
(without license)
Address: toy shop in the darkforest

What she likes:
- sterling cutlery
- her racing broom
- cosmetics
- playing Cauldron-Tetris
- to have the final say
- and: her handbag!!!

What she dislikes:
- a broken fingernail
- her broom being out of order
- Primus’ chest
- pertly toads

Profession: alarm-clock-bird
Address: pendulum-clock in Primus’ attic
Specials: officially recognized
and certified for accuracy

What he likes:
- extensive wake-up-workouts
- training hours (weekdays
  between 2 and 3 p.m.)
- playing the Nettlewooz-Quest

What he dislikes:
- sandglasses
- daylight saving
- to fall off his clock cabinet
while asleep

Profession: gourmet
Address: compost pile below the old
oak tree by the tower

- knows the deep hole in the Gloomyforest
- tans easily

What he likes:
- to sleep in
- to search for old fruit in his ‘bed’
- cherrypit-spitting
- to roll down the hill

What he dislikes:
- to hobble up the hill afterwards
- fruitflies

Profession: unemployed scarecrow,
Address: saladbed behind Plim’s house

What he likes:
- fashion, haute-couture
- smalltalk
- psychoanalythic group-therapies
- bird’s singing
- to collect buttons

What he dislikes:
- rainy weather
- wet socks
- snails

Description: small, scrawny guy
with dirty clothes
Address: unknown
Specials: visits Primus in his nightmares

What he likes: unknown

What he dislikes: unknown

Description: dozy, unclearbabbling vegetable
Address: shiny chest on Plim’s storage rack
Specials: is assumed to show visionary features

What it likes:
- soft velvet cushions
- flute-music
- candlelight

What it dislikes:
- wetness & fustiness
- to be called “potatoe”
- rough washrags
- vegetable-knives
- cooking-pots
- Miss Plim